June 24, 2009

NHS worker resigns over crucifix ban

by Benjamin Graham

An NHS hospital worker has resigned after being ordered to remove her crucifix necklace during work hours. Forty-three year old Helen Slatter, a practising Catholic, has handed in her notice to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in protest of the necklace ban. Slatter, a blood sampler, or phlebologist, was told by hospital bosses that her gold necklace, […]

Street Pastors hit night-time pavements across the UK

by David Masters

Teams of vicars and church members are set to patrol the night-time streets in towns and cities across the UK. New Street Pastor groups have been announced this week for Exeter, Dunstable and Hounslow. Street Pastors aim to reduce crime in city centres by putting their Christian faith into action through volunteering for late night […]

Sarkozy: Burqa ‘debases’ Muslim women

by Benjamin Graham

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has told Muslims that the Burka is ‘not welcome’ in France because it ‘debases’ women. The burqa, a full bodied religious gown with holes for the eyes, makes women “prisoners behind a screen” and deprives them of “all identity”, Sarkozy said in the first presidential address to Parliament for 136 years. […]

Burmese activists jailed for praying

by Sara Levy

Two Burmese activists have been sent to prison because they prayed for the release of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Chit Pe and Aung Saw Wei were both given 18 month sentences on charges of insulting religion. The pair led prayers at a Buddhist pagoda for Suu Kyi, leader of the National League of […]

June 22, 2009

Archbishop’s plea for peace in Sudan

by Benjamin Graham

The Archbishop of Canterbury has called for a renewed commitment to sustainable peace in southern Sudan. Dr Rowan Williams, leader of the Anglican Church, urged political leaders on both sides of the conflict to fulfil their obligations to the 2005 peace agreement. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), signed in January 2005 between the Government of […]

Quakers call for ‘Unarmed Forces Day’

by David Masters

As cities and towns across the country prepare to spend this Saturday celebrating the efforts of Britain’s armed forces, a Christian group has called for the day to also celebrate the efforts of non-violent peacemakers. Armed Forces Day, 27 June, is billed as “an opportunity for the nation to show our support for the men […]

Mother set child alight in voodoo ritual

by Sara Levy

A New York City mother stands accused of dowsing her six-year-old daughter in rum then setting her alight as part of a voodoo ritual. Marie Lauradin, 29, is alleged to have poured an accelerant over Frantzcia Saintil, causing the child’s body to be engulfed in flames. Despite Frantzcia’s cries for help, she was washed down […]

June 21, 2009

Thieving church treasurer spared jail

by Sara Levy

A church treasurer who stole nearly £12,000 from parish funds in a bid to “buy back” the love of her cheating husband has been spared a jail sentence. Deborah Stranger, 44, was given blank cheques by the vicar of Christ Church in Gateshead to pay church bills. However, instead of paying the bills, she wrote […]

Mexican priest murdered by drugs gang

by David Masters

A priest and two seminary students were murdered by gunmen in western Mexico this weekend in an apparently motiveless attack. Fr Habacuc Hernandez Benitez, 39, Eduardo Oregón Benítez, 19, and Silvestre González Cambrón, 21, were ordered out of their car at gunpoint and then shot dead. The three were driving through the town of Arcelia, […]

Jewish couple sues over light sensor at holiday flats

by David Masters

An Orthodox Jewish couple are suing neighbours at their holiday flat in Dorset because new motion sensors installed in the flat’s communal hallway force them to break the laws of the Sabbath. Dr Dena Coleman, headteacher of a Jewish Orthodox school, and her husband Gordon, claim they cannot leave or enter their holiday flat on […]

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