August 14, 2009

Viral video highlights Christian Luddite tendencies

by Sara Levy

The church’s love-hate relationship with modern technology is the subject of a new viral video launched to promote the Original Christian Web and New Media Awards 2009.

The forty-second video, “The Geek Shall Inherit the Church”, has already amassed nearly 2,000 views on YouTube

In the video, a mobile phone, a laptop and a USB stick are destroyed by Christians bemused by how to use them., who created the video, said: “It’s a light hearted look at how we in the church sometimes feel frustrated with technology and how the geek in our church can be the one to help us out.

“That is exactly what the awards are about, appreciating those who use technology to share the Christian message.”

Premier assured watchers that “no functioning equipment [was] harmed in the making of the video”.

Most Christian bloggers see the video as “a bit of light fun”.

However, some of video’s watchers have complained that the word “geek” is derogatory.

Premier disagrees. A spokesperson for the website said: “After talking to many Christians in technology we believe that being called a geek is actually a great compliment.”

Winners of the Christian Web and New Media Awards 2009 will be announced on 18th September at an awards ceremony in London.

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