August 12, 2009

Teen magazine targets Christian youth

by Benjamin Graham

A new teen magazine launched this month, aimed at Christians aged 14-22. Streetbrand features real-life stories, beauty, fashion and grooming, relationships, career, and problem pages. It aims to offer an alternative to celebrity gossip and sex-oriented teen magazines. Published three times a year, magazine will include content produced for, by and about Christian teenagers from […]

Russian Evangelicals call for sexual “apartheid”

by Sara Levy

A Russian church group has written to authorities requesting them to relocate gay nightclubs away from “ordinary people”. In an open letter published this week, the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith (RCCEF) said gay culture is “morally degrading” and should be kept out of sight. “Strict controls” should be enforced on gay clubs […]

Jewish mother sued for racism against Arab child

by David Masters

An Arab couple whose daughter was expelled from an Israeli day-care centre are suing a Jewish mother for racial incitement against their child. One-year-old Dana was expelled on her first day attending from the daycare centre in the rural Jewish community of Mehavia. Her parents, Maysa and Shua’a Zuabi, who live less than 1km from […]

August 11, 2009

Card game features Bible heroes

by David Masters

Not supercars, nor superheroes from the latest comic book movie, but figures from the Bible are the latest characters to adorn Trumps playing cards. Testament Trumps features cartoon versions of Old Testament leaders, prophets, heroes, and villains, including Samson, Eve, Pharaoh and Moses. The characters have been updated to “make them real to children today” […]

No settlement evictions vows Netanyahu

by Sara Levy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed this week that he will never evict Jewish settlers from the occupied Palestinian West Bank. The hardline leader said the withdrawal of settlers from the Gaza Strip in 2005 was a “mistake” that hurt Israel’s security rather than bringing peace to the region. “The withdrawal from the Gaza Strip […]

Archbishop of Canterbury visits Taizé

by David Masters

The leader of the Anglican Church visited Taizé with his family and co-workers this weekend. Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams stayed three days at the ecumenical Christian community in France as a guest of Brother Alois, head of the community. During his visit he spoke to 5,000 pilgrims, mostly young people, who are currently […]

August 9, 2009

Footie anthem provokes Muslim anger

by Benjamin Graham

A German football anthem has provoked widespread anger among Muslims because of its reference to the Prophet Muhammad. Fans of FC Schalke 04 sing: “Muhammad was a prophet who understood nothing about football”. “But of all the lovely colours he chose [Schalke’s] blue and white.” The song, written in 1924, was recently reported in the […]

Baghdad bomb blast kills Shiite pilgrims

by Sara Levy

Roadside bomb blasts killed five Shiite pilgrims and wounded 19 more as they returned to Baghdad on a minibus. Police said two roadside bombs hit minibuses in separate incidents in Sadr City, a deprived Shiite district in Baghdad. A third bomb struck a minibus in eastern Baghdad. Victims included women and old men, all of […]

Greenbelt signs up Sixpence None the Richer

by David Masters

Greenbelt has secured Grammy-nominated Sixpence None the Richer to perform at this year’s festival. The American rock duo, most famous for Kiss Me and their covers of There She Goes and Don’t Dream It’s Over will take the stage at the Greenbelt Christian music festival later this month at Cheltenham Racecourse. Leigh Nash and Matt […]

Iraq pays $2,000 to inter-sect newlyweds

by Benjamin Graham

Iraqi inter-sect couples who tie the knot are being given a $2,000 handout from the country’s government. The Iraqi government launched the programme in an attempt to encourage marriages between Sunni and Shi-ite Muslims. Tensions between the two sects have escalated since the US-UK invasion of the country. The scheme was set up in 2006 […]

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