September 18, 2009

Teacher splits class into atheists and religious

by Sara Levy

A secondary school teacher has been criticised for splitting her class into athiests and religious believers.

The religious studies teacher at North Chadderton School in Oldham told her 11-12 year old students to stand on one side of the classroom if they believed in God, and on the other if they didn’t.

She then stood with the athiest pupils to show which side she thought was right.

Parents complained to the school, accusing the teacher of forcing divisions at the beginning of a new school year, and of making children doubt their own faith.

“She should teach the kids to show respect for other people’s beliefs, regardless of what they are, rather than appear to take sides,” one parent said.

Muslim parents at the school also complained that pupils were given homework to draw a picture of God.

Making an image of God goes against Muslim beliefs.

The school said the purpose of the lesson was to start a respectful debate, and has apologised to parents for any upset caused.

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