October 26, 2009

Christianity is more than wearing a cross-necklace

by David Masters

Wearing a cross necklace or a fish-shaped badge to work is all very well, but Christian faith is far deeper than the symbols worn by some of its adherants, a bishop claimed this week.

Jonathan Gledhill, Bishop of Lichfield, said real Christianity is about taking radical, loving action.

“The mark of a real Christian community is not so much the lapel badges and crosses we wear as the spontaneous, generous and practical love we show to the world,” he said in a pastoral letter published across the dicese of Lichfield.

He added that Christians should be allowed to demonstrate their faith publicly, and that Britain should not be ashamed of its Christian heritage.

“Christians should not be intimidated into putting away their neck crosses or lapel badges, but in the end these are not the badges that matter,” he said.

Commenting on the decision by some local councils to ban Christmas in favour of Winterval for fear of offending ethnic minorities, he said a greater concern should be the commercialisation of Christmas.

“Ethnic minorities are far more anxious about the rampant secularism and commercialism that erodes all Christian standards than they are about their host country properly celebrating its Christian foundations,” he said.

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