October 27, 2009

Schools must teach creationism, Brits demand

by Sara Levy

More than half of British adults believe children should be taught creationism in science lessons alongside evolutionary theory.

Three quarters of those polled said children should be taught the theories of evolution at school.

However, 54% of these said evolution should be taught together with intelligent design and creationist theories.

Nearly one in ten Brits said evolutionary theory should not be taught in science classes at all.

The British Council funded poll surveyed 1,000 Britons as part of a worldwide poll of 10,000 people.

Worldwide, 43% said evolution should be taught alongside other theories in science lessons.

The poll was conducted as part of the British Council’s Darwin Now programme which marks 150 years since the publication of Darwin’s The Origin of Species.

Fern Elsdon-Baker, head of the Darwin Now programme, said: “The British Council is more than ever globally active in education programmes that stimulate inter-cultural dialogue that is respectful of faith and belief.”

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