November 20, 2009

Intel offers Sabbath peace-deal to appease protesters

by Sara Levy

In an attempt to appease the wrath of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem, Intel has pledged to only employ non-Jewish workers on the Sabbath at its offices in the city.

The proposal was made following a protest by nearly 2,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews outside Intel’s Jerusalem plant on Saturday.

Demonstrators broke into the synagogue at the plant and smashed prayer stands. They also hurled stones at journalists and other onlookers.

Intel said it will now only employ 60 workers on Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath, all of whom are non-Jewish.

Intel has not issued a comment on the proposed resolution to the dispute.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews have become increasingly militant in attempting to force a work ban in Jerusalem on Saturdays in recent months.

As well as demonstrating at the Intel plant, they have held regular protests at a Jerusalem car park that is open on the Sabbath.

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