November 27, 2009

Did Jesus visit England?

by David Masters

Jesus Christ may have “walked upon England’s pastures green”, according to a Scottish academic.

Church of Scotland minister Dr Gordon Strachan makes the claim that Jesus might have visited Britain in a new film, ‘And Did Those Feet’.

The film examines the idea that Jesus might have visited the southern English town of Glastonbury with Joseph of Arimathea.

“It is generally suggested that he came to the west of England with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, who was here for tin,” said Strachan.

According to Strachan, although unproven, this theory is “plausible”.

Glastonbury, now famous for its annual music festival, was home to druids in ancient times.

“[Jesus] needed to go around to learn bits and pieces about ancient wisdom, and the druids in Britain went back hundreds if not thousands of years,” said Strachan.

“He probably came here to meet the druids, to share his wisdom and gain theirs.”

Strachan argues that the journey from Ancient Palestine to Britain wasn’t as difficult as we might believe.

“Coming this far wasn’t in fact that far in the olden days,” he said.

“The Romans came here at the same time and they found it quite easy.”

The legend that Jesus visited England was popularised in the early 19th century by William Blake in his poem ‘Jerusalem’.

The title of Strachan’s film is taken from the first line of Blake’s poem.

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