December 7, 2009

Parents spend £150 on designer nativity costumes

by Benjamin Graham

Fashion-conscious parents are spending up to £150 on designer costumes for children acting in nativity plays.

These parents are shunning tea towels, tinsel and pyjamas and turning to designer clothes bought especially for the play.

Virgin Marys are wearing pashmina shawls, while Angels of the Lord are adorned with imitation jewellery.

Debenhams, has dubbed this trend for designer nativity costumes ‘manger chic’.

Popular buys in the department store include ivory white bridesmaid dresses for angels, at £40, faux fur throws for sheep, at £60, and grey hooded duffle coats for donkeys, at £14.

“The amount of money that some parents want to spend on their child’s nativity play appearance would enable the baby Jesus to leave the stable and check into a five-star hotel,” said Debenhams spokesperson Ed Watson.

According to Debenhams, parents are spending this “silly” money on costumes in a bid to get their children into the best schools.

“Parents have told our personal shopping teams that they feel they have to teach their children to excel at everything from a very young age,” explained Watson.

“They have to possess an exemplary CV – including, it seems, a star role in the school nativity play – if they want to gain a place at a coveted primary or secondary school.

Watson recommends that parents go back to the basics in putting together costumes.

“While we applaud parents wanting to do their very best for their children, we feel certain that the story of the nativity can still be told using very simple materials,” he said.

“Their sons and daughters will still look wonderful wearing a pair of pyjamas and a sheet rather than the latest dress or coat straight from the high fashion catwalk.”

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