January 18, 2010

Christian leader urges “hope and action” on climate change

by David Masters

One of Canada’s highest ranked Christians has written an open letter to all Canadians urging them to consider climate change a crisis of conscience.

Mardi Tindal, Moderator of the United Church of Canada, told Canadians that climate change is “one of the most urgent moral challenges in human history.”

“I believe this is a unique time in humanity’s fretful reign on Earth, a rare moment that will have historic significance,” her letter reads.

Tindal decided to write the letter in December after returning home from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen feeling bitterly disappointed with the outcome of negotiations.

“The day after I returned home from the climate change talks, I needed a place to go where I could safely cry tears of lament,” she said.

“Our moment of opportunity came and then went, and here we are now, the fate of civilization and of millions of the planet’s life forms hanging by the frayed thread of inaction.”

Urging Canadians “to choose hope and action over despair and paralysis”, she warned that “the world will be shaped by how we and our communities respond in the months to come.”

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