January 20, 2010

Christian employee contests BA’s necklace ban

by Sara Levy

A Christian airport check-in clerk has accused British Airways of religious discrimination in London’s Court of Appeal.

Nadia Eweida, 58, claims she was a victim of religious discrimination when British Airways told her she was not allowed to display her crucifix necklace at work.

In 2006, she was sent home from work after she refused to remove the necklace.

Eweida, a Pentecostal Christian, claimed this was religious discrimination because Sikhs and Muslims were allowed to wear headcoverings.

She originally took her case to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), which ruled that British Airways had not unfairly discriminated against her.

The case is now being heard by the Court of Appeal, and Eweida hopes the court will overturn the EAT’s ruling.

She is seeking £120,000 compensation in damages and lost wages.

Since the incident, British Airways has changed its dress code, and Eweida has returned to work.

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