January 21, 2010

Grand Mufti: Koranic ringtones “inappropriate”

by Benjamin Graham

Mobile phone ringtones of Koranic verses and the Muslim call to prayer are inappropriate, Egypt’s Grand Mufti has claimed.

Mufti Ali Gomaa, the highest religious legal authority in Egypt, said the ringtones violate the sanctity of God’s word.

Verses from the Koran are a popular ringtone choice in Egypt, and are advertised on TV and the internet.

“Putting the Holy Koran or the call to prayer as a mobile phone ringtone trivialises the sanctity of the verses, which are for prayer, invocation and recitation and not to be taken out of their legitimate use,” Gomaa said.

With Koranic ringtones, answering a mobile phone means interrupting the holy words of God, which could confuse their meaning, he added.

Muslims wishing to make a relgiious point with their ringtone should stick to religious songs, he concluded.

The majority of Egypt’s 78 million citizens follow Islam.

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