January 25, 2010

Bible references to be removed from guns

by David Masters

An American weapons manufacturer has said it will no longer engrave gunsights with biblical references.

Michigan-based Trijicon, which supplies gunsights to the British and American armed forces, said it will remove the coded references after concerns were raised by the US military and Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD).

US military chief General David Petraeus said the references were “disturbing” and a “serious concern”.

As well as no longing inscribing biblical references, the firm plans to issue 100 modification kits to armed forces in the field, enabling them to remove the references on gunsights in use.

“Trijicon has proudly served the US military for more than two decades, and our decision to offer to voluntarily remove these references is both prudent and appropriate,” the company said in a statement.

However, the MoD said gunsights currently in use by the armed forces would not have the inscriptions removed as forcing soldiers to file off the references would risk thousands of rifles being taken out of action.

“In-service sights will not have the inscriptions removed as removing the sights from service would have a detrimental effect on our operational capability,” an MoD spokesperson said.

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