January 28, 2010

Scottish clergy oppose nuclear weapons

by Sara Levy

Church leaders in Scotland have ramped up pressure on the government to abandon plans to renew Trident.

Rt Rev Bill Hewitt, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, joined Scottish Clergy Against Nuclear Armaments (SCANA) this week in launching a new campaign to make Trident and nuclear weapons a key issue for this year’s general election.

SCANA is urging church members from all denominations to pressure MPs and candidates to put nuclear weapons at the forefront of election campaigns.

“There is a real chance that the renewal of the Trident system, which is due very soon, could be overturned if enough political pressure is applied,” Hewitt said.

“Especially, at a time when voters are asking hard questions about how we best use our tax revenues for the benefit of the maximum number of citizens.”

Churches in Scotland have long campaigned against the renewal of Trident, arguing that nuclear weapons are immoral and violate international law.

Scottish churches believe that instead of renewing Trident the government should take the international lead in nuclear disarmament.

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