January 18, 2010

Christian leader urges “hope and action” on climate change

by David Masters

One of Canada’s highest ranked Christians has written an open letter to all Canadians urging them to consider climate change a crisis of conscience. Mardi Tindal, Moderator of the United Church of Canada, told Canadians that climate change is “one of the most urgent moral challenges in human history.” “I believe this is a unique […]

January 15, 2010

Protestants and Jews welcomed aboard cruise ships

by Sara Levy

Cruise ships run by Celebrity Cruises are to offer religious services for Catholics, Protestants, and Jews during religious festivals. Previously, Celebrity Cruises only provided religious services for Catholics. “Out of respect for our guests of all religious faiths, Celebrity has chosen to align the religious services provided for Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Interdenominational faiths,” Celebrity […]

January 14, 2010

Pope urges governments to cut military spending

by Benjamin Graham

Governments worldwide should spend less on guns and nuclear bombs and more on fighting poverty, Pope Benedict XVI said this week. “Among the many challenges…one of the most serious is increased military spending and the cost of maintaining and developing nuclear arsenals,” the Pontiff said. “Enormous resources are being consumed for these purposes, when they […]

January 13, 2010

Government outlaws Islam4UK

by Sara Levy

A radical Islamist group that planned a protest in honour of the Muslims killed in the Afghanistan conflict has been banned. Islam4UK’s planned march through Wooton Bassett provoked outrage in the British press. Home Secretary Alan Johnson said the government had decided to outlaw the group under anti-terrorism legislation. The government had previously considered banning […]

January 12, 2010

Gay Muslims flee family violence

by David Masters

A rising number of gay Muslims in the UK are being forced to flee their families over fears of arranged marriages and family violence. The Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that helps homeless LGBT young people, said over the last six months it has seen an increase in the number of Muslims getting in touch […]

January 11, 2010

Has Google censored offensive Islam searches?

by Benjamin Graham

Type “Buddhism is” into Google, and the search engine automatically gives suggestions for how you’re planning to finish your sentence, including “not a religion”, “wrong”, and “not what you think”. “Christianity is” receives equally harsh treatment, with “bullshit”, “not a religion”, and “dead”. However, search for “Islam is” on Google, and you’ll not be given […]

January 8, 2010

French Socialists oppose burka ban

by Sara Levy

France’s opposition Socialist Party has spoken out against proposals to ban Muslim women from wearing the burka. Last year French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the burka, a Muslim veil which covers the body from head to toe, is “not welcome” in France. A parliamentary report on the burka is due to be published later this […]

January 7, 2010

UDA surrenders its weapons

by David Masters

The Ulster Defence Association (UDA), a Northern Irish protestant paramilitary group, has decommissioned all its illegal weapons. The surrendering of weapons was witnessed by John de Chastelain, a retired Canadian general who heads the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning (IICD). De Chastelain said the decision to give up arms was “a major act” by the […]

January 6, 2010

Should Christian pharmacists refuse emergency contraception?

by Benjamin Graham

Pharmacists who refuse to dispense the morning after pill on religious grounds could have their conscience over-ruled. The Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE), a government quango, is asking whether pharmacists should have the right to decline services they disagree with on moral or religious grounds. Emergency contraception is now available over the counter in […]

‘Allah’ decision suspended pending appeal

by Sara Levy

Kuala Lumpur High Court has temporarily suspended its decision to let non-Muslims in Malaysia use the word ‘Allah’ to describe God pending a government appeal. Last week the court ruled against government legislation that bans non-Muslims from using the word Allah. The court said making Allah exclusive to Muslims is unconstitutional in a country that […]

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