March 24, 2010

Record label seeks 21st century Sister Act

by Sara Levy

A record label is looking to recruit a troupe of singing nuns who will attempt to top the charts when the Pope visits the UK in September.

London-based Decca Records wants to find the world’s most talented nuns to record an album of plainsong and chant.

Nuns and religious orders have been asked to contact Decca with samples of their singing within the next month.

Decca chief executive Tom Lewis said he came up with the idea for the album when he rediscovered a recording of singing nuns whilst looking through old records.

“When you hear the sound of nuns chanting, it’s like an immediate escape from the challenges, stresses, pace and noise of modern living,” Lewis said.

“You’re given a glimpse of another world – a world of peace and calm. This is a sound of something ancient, unchanging and timeless.”

Mark Wilkinson, Decca general manager, added: “This is a genuine appeal to find what you could call a ‘sister act’ for the 21st century.”

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