March 29, 2010

Pressure mounts for Pope to resign

by Benjamin Graham

Pressure is mounting for the Pope to call an emergency gathering of bishops to discuss a unified Roman Catholic response to the child abuse crisis sweeping through the Church.

Vatican sources have admitted that a number of high-ranking clergy have called upon Pope Benedict XVI to organised an emergency synod.

The news comes just days after the Pope insisted that he will “not be intimated by petty gossip”.

Last week, the Vatican’s newspaper, L’Osseratore Romano, said media allegations of child abuse throughout the Catholic church are an “ignoble attempt to strike at Pope Benedict XVI and his closest collaborators.”

However, the Pope’s position is looking increasingly untenable as evidence emerges of his involvement in the cover-up of child abuse.

The latest allegations from the US allege that while the Pope worked in the Vatican, he ignored complaints from Archbishops about allegations of child abuse by a priest, Father Lawrence Murphy.

One victim of child abuse told BBC News that the Pope had always been aware of child abuse within the Church.

Arthur Budzinski said the Pope should confess everything he knows about the Church’s cover up of child abuse.

“It goes all the way up to him – he was in charge of these types of cases,” Budzinski said.

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