June 29, 2010

God’s Facebook status: ‘I love you’

by David Masters

If God used social networking websites, his Facebook and Twitter feeds would read “I love you”, the new Vice President of the Methodist Conference has claimed.

Speaking at the Methodist Conference where she was inducted as Vice President, Deacon Eunice Attwood said: “If God had a Facebook page I think his status page would permanently say ‘I love you’ and he would write on your wall ‘I love you’.

“If God used Twitter, I believe he would write ‘I love you’.”

The church should take responsibility for expressing God’s love in the world, Attwood said.

“I want to be part of a church that throws parties for prostitutes – a church that welcomes those who seek asylum, a church that longs and yearns for justice, a church that listens to those no-one else wants to listen to,” she explained.

The new President of the Methodist Conference, Rev Alison Tomlin, was also inducted this week.

Speaking at the Conference, Tomlin said: “We talk about God as central, except of course that the God we serve tends to spend a lot of time on the edge, on the periphery, on the outside, not within our buildings, not within the places we choose to call home, but out there with those who have been discarded, rejected, those who are distressed and distraught.”

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