June 17, 2010

Rooney barred from discussing religion

by Sara Levy

Questions about the religious beliefs of England striker Wayne Rooney were closed down by an FA official during a press interview at the World Cup. Rooney had begun to explain to journalists why he wears a large cross and rosary beads around his neck. “I’ve been wearing them for about four years now,” Rooney said. […]

Welsh Bible published in Braille

by David Masters

A Welsh woman’s dream of a Braille Bible in her own language came true this week with the launch of the Welsh New Testament and Psalms in Braille. Rhian Evans, 65, read from the Braille Bible at a special launch service at Trinity University College in Carmarthen. The launch of the Bible marks the end […]

June 16, 2010

Rory Bremner: Islamic extremists threaten satire

by Sara Levy

Islamic fundamentalism is becoming a serious threat to satirists, a top British comedian has claimed. Rory Bremner said the “chilling” rise of Islamic extremism means comedians are forced to self-censor jokes making fun of Islam. In an interview with Sir David Frost for a BBC documentary, Bremner said: “One of the toughest issues of our […]

US University bans Muslim student group

by David Masters

The University of California has been accused of attempting to silence dissent after it banned the Muslim Student Union (MSU) following a pro-Palestine protest. Earlier this year members of the MSU disrupted a speech by Israeli ambassador Michael Oren, calling him a murderer and a war criminal. Eleven Muslim students were arrested on charges of […]

June 15, 2010

Campaign to ban town hall prayers derided

by Sara Levy

The National Secular Society’s (NSS’s) campaign to ban prayers from the beginning of local council meetings is misguided, the Mayor of London said this week. Speaking on Premier Radio, Boris Johnson said a short time of prayer helps councillors to stay focused during meetings. “Whatever councillors may think about the existence or non existence of […]

Israel wants to exterminate Palestine, Castro claims

by David Masters

Fidel Castro, former President of Cuba, has compared Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazi extermination of Jews. Castro claimed Israel’s attitude towards Palestine is reminiscent of Germany’s approach to Jewish people during the rule of the Third Reich. “The hatred felt by the state of Israel against the Palestinians is such that they […]

June 14, 2010

“Ultrasound Jesus” sparks Christmas controversy

by Benjamin Graham

Churches in the UK are planning to get across their Christmas message this year with a billboard advertising campaign depicting an ultrasound of the baby Jesus in his mother Mary’s womb. The “Ultrasound Jesus” advert depicts a fully-formed but unborn baby in the womb with a halo superimposed on his head. Beneath the image is […]

Council advertises for “non-Muslim” taxi driver

by David Masters

Two Muslim women taxi drivers are refusing to accept work from a local council after council officials issued a job advert for a “female, white and non-Muslim” taxi driver. The two drivers, both from Daventry, are said to be “very angry” and have filed an official complaint with the council. Northamptonshire County Council has issued […]

June 10, 2010

Religious leaders warn of World Cup HIV dangers

by Benjamin Graham

Religious leaders in South Africa have warned about an increased risk of HIV infections during the World Cup football tournament, which starts tomorrow. Christian and Muslim leaders said governments need to do more to help commercial sex workers and their clients protect themselves against HIV during the event. HIV-AIDS is a major problem in Southern […]

Catholic women demand female ordination

by David Masters

A group of Catholic women marched into the Vatican on Tuesday demanding that the Catholic Church allows women to be ordained as priests. The small group, with representatives from six organisations, protested in St Peter’s Square with a banner saying “Ordain Catholic Women”. The protest was held to mark the end of a year long […]

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