July 19, 2010

Tutu: Financial crisis hit poor nations hardest

by David Masters

The financial devastation caused by the economic crisis is being felt most acutely by the poor and the weak, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has claimed.

The former Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town and Nobel Peace Prize laureate said the countries most responsible for the financial crisis are the least affected by the consequent global recession.

Meanwhile, poor countries bear the brunt of the effects.

For Tutu, this makes the crisis not only financial, but also moral and ethical.

“The countries most responsible for devastating changes are the least vulnerable to the consequences, of which the price is being paid by the poor and the weak,” he said.

“We all have just one world … Unless we work out a way to live together, we will end up at the bottom of the pit together.

“More than political will, the moral imperative is lacking; we realise more and more [the global financial crisis] is a moral and ethical matter.”

Tutu made the comments at the launch of a report on globalisation by the Uniting Reformed Church of South Africa, “Dreaming a Different World”.

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