July 22, 2010

Halal make-up launches in UK

by Sara Levy

Muslim women in the UK can now purchase halal make-up with the launch of a new Birmingham-based cosmetics business.

Samina Pure Make-up is free from alcohol and animal products, making it suitable for women wishing to observe Islamic law.

Samina Akhter set up the business from her home in Birmingham after she started questioning what she was putting on her skin.

“I was shocked to find that some products contained alcohol and even pig placenta,” she said.

“Many Muslim women like me have been frustrated by wanting to look good and follow their faith.”

The company has so far had over five hundred customers.

However, Islamic scholars disagree over whether halal make-up is necessary.

“If the product contains a very small amount of animal or alcohol, then some scholars say it is permissible,” said Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad, a leading imam in the UK.

“Also, if the disallowed ingredient changes into another substance, through the chemical process, then some scholars say this is allowed.”

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