August 13, 2010

Irish women urged to boycott Mass

by David Masters

An Irish pensioner is urging all women in Ireland to boycott Catholic mass on 26 September.

Eighty-year-old Jennifer Sleeman wants to make it clear to church authorities that women are fed up with being “second class citizens” in the church.

She is encouragings women to shun church services across the country on 26 September.

“I have felt that a lot of women are angry,” she said.

“I feel that I have right on my side.

“I don’t feel it’s just me. I feel it’s so many people that would think the same way as I do.”

The Catholic Church responded by telling church-goers to ignore Mrs Sleeman’s call for a boycott.

“The Mass is a community sacramental celebration of the life, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus,” a statement from the Church said.

“We would encourage people not to absent themselves from the Eucharist where we re-enact the Last Supper and the Paschal Mystery, following the command of Jesus, ‘Do this in memory of me’.”

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