November 29, 2010

Church of Scotland presses PM for climate change action

by Jan Harris

The Moderator of the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly, John Christie, is meeting with David Cameron today, on the first day of the climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico.

Christie, together with Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland; David Chillingworth, the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church; and Shaykh Ruzwan, a senior figure in the Islamic community, all signed a letter to the Prime Minister which expressed ‘moral outrage’ at the West’s failure to help developing nations cope with climate change.

Christie will urge to Prime Minister to try to ensure a legally-binding global agreement on climate change is secured at Cancun, with higher greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for wealthy countries and more aid for poorer countries.

Christie will highlight the difficulties experienced by Bangladesh, which is one of the country’s most badly affected by climate change.

The country has suffered floods, droughts and cyclones, and seasonal weather patterns have been disrupted so that farmers no longer know when to plant their crops.

The Church of Scotland has been working with the Church of Bangladesh through the Bangladesh Social Development Programme, which aims to promote a wider awareness of climate change and how it is affecting Bangladesh and ultimately the whole planet.

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