December 30, 2010

Unfaithful footballers give wrong message to kids

by Jan Harris

Top footballers who cheat on their partners are sending out the wrong signals to children, according to Reg Bailey, who has been appointed by the government to investigate the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood.

Over the past year a number of high profile footballers have been in the news for having extra-marital affairs, including Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole and John Terry.

Mr Bailey warns that this behaviour is normalizing unfaithfulness for impressionable fans.

The problem will be considered as part of Mr Bailey’s review for the Department for Education.

James Murdoch of Relate, which provides relationship counselling and guidance, has supported Mr Bailey’s views.

Relate hopes to work with the Football Association to discover why so many football stars encounter relationship difficulties.

The organisation has warned that celebrities from all arenas need to be more aware that their actions can have a major impact on children’s attitudes.

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