January 20, 2011

Preston and Travolta chose Scientology birth technique

by Jan Harris

In an interview on the Today show, American actress Kelly Preston revealed that she chose a ‘silent birth’ when her son Benjamin was born in November. The birth of baby Benjamin was regarded as a miracle by 48-year old Preston and her husband John Travolta, both because of her age and because it followed the […]

UK bans Anti-muslim US pastor

by Jan Harris

The Home Office has banned Rev Terry Jones from visiting the UK. The US pastor, who caused controversy by threatening to burn copies of the Koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York, was due to visit Milton Keynes next month. He had been invited to speak […]

January 19, 2011

Letter shows Vatican advised against child abuse reports

by Jan Harris

A letter from 1997 has come to light showing that the Vatican advised Catholic Bishops in Ireland that they did not always need to report priests suspected of child-abuse to the police. It shows that the Vatican rejected moves by the Irish church to put measures in place to help police identify paedophile priests and […]

Anti-Muslim group invites Terry Jones to UK

by Jan Harris

Terry Jones, the US pastor who caused outrage when he threatened to burn copies of the Quran on the 9/11 anniversary, is believed to have accepted an invitation to speak in Britain next month. Anti-Islamic group England Is Ours (EIO) has invited Rev Jones to speak against the expansion of Islam, at a series of […]

January 18, 2011

Gay Couple win case against Christian hoteliers

by Jan Harris

Christian hotel owners have been ordered to pay £3,600 in damages to homosexual couple Martyn Hall and his civil partner Steven Preddy, because they refused to accommodate them in a double room. Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who have owned their Cornish guest house since 1986, state clearly on booking forms and on the hotel’s website, […]

January 17, 2011

Castlereagh’s Catholic employment record questioned

by Jan Harris

Belfast’s Castlereagh Borough Council has been criticised by Sinn Fein for employing too few Catholics. James Irwin, Castlereagh South, and Laura Keenan, Castlereagh West, candidates in Féin’s May elections, highlighted that the council employs less Catholics now than it did in 2007, when it said it was working with the Equality Commission on the issue. […]

Archbishop welcomes beatification of John Paul II

by Jan Harris

The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, has welcomed Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement that the late Pope John Paul II will be beatified on 1 May 2011 in Rome. The ceremony, in St Peter’s Square, is expected to attract around 2 million people. Pope Benedict has now approved the validity of the […]

January 14, 2011

Taliban softens position on girls’ education

by Jan Harris

When the Taliban governed Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, women were not allowed to work and schools did not accept girls. Since the regime was toppled, the situation for women has improved with females accounting for 38% students and 30% of teachers at the present time. However the Taliban has continued to attack hundreds of […]

Couple marry for art degree

by Jan Harris

Life is often said to imitate art, but a young couple studying for a Fine Art degree at the University of Worcester have turned this saying on its head. Gay student Paul Cartwright has married his straight friend Nora Battenberg-Cartwright as part of their second year coursework, a decision that has been criticised by Christians […]

January 13, 2011

Beatification of Pope John Paul II imminent

by Jan Harris

An announcement that the beatification of Pope John Paul II has been approved by his successor, Pope Benedict XVI, is expected this week. A Vatican commission is believed to have verified medical and theological evidence that French nun, Sister Marie-Simon-Pierre, was cured of Parkinson’s disease after she and fellow nuns prayed to Pope John Paul […]

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