March 22, 2011

Religion at risk of extinction

by Jan Harris

A new study based on the science of nonlinear dynamics suggest that religion my die out in nine countries.

A team of scientists presented their findings at the American Physical Society meeting in Dallas.

Using information from censuses taken a century ago, up to present day, from Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland, the study identified a steady increase in the number of people who said they had no religious affiliation.

Nonlinear dynamics was applied to the number of religious respondents and their social motivation for being affiliated to a religion.

The Czech Republic had the most people who said they were not affiliated with a religion at 60%.

In the UK the humanist society is currently campaigning for members of the public who are not religious to say so in the census.

The society believes that the way the religious affiliation question is worded makes people more likely to say they are religious.

The question asks ‘What is your religion? which is likely to elicit a religious response.

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