May 13, 2011

New York Police uncover plan to bomb synagogue

by Jan Harris

New York police have arrested two men believed to be planning to bomb a synagogue in Manhattan.

The men, Ahmed Ferhani, 26, and Mohammed Mamdouh, 20, purchased guns, ammunition and a hand grenade from an undercover police officer.

It is alleged that they planned to disguise themselves as Jews and attend a service at Manhattan’s largest synagogues, with the intention of planting a bomb.

It is also believed they spoke of attacking the Empire State Building.

Ferhani, who is a US citizen and Mamdouh, a legal resident, were arrested immediately after purchasing the weapons from the officer, following a sevn-month long undercover investigation.

According to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, the men are Islamic extremists, although they are not members of a terrorist organisation.

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