May 25, 2011

Apocalypse preacher claims Jesus was invisible on Judgement Day

by Jan Harris

Harold Camping, who told the world to expect the second coming of Jesus on 21 May 2011, claims that his prediction was correct but instead of appearing to ‘rapture’ 200 million Christians up to heaven on that day, Christ’s presence on earth was invisible and he put the world under judgement instead.

Despite being mistaken over the way events would unfold on 21 May, Mr Camping is still maintaining that the apocalypse will happen on 21 October 2011 as he has been predicting all along.

On that day he believes the earth will be consumed by a fireball.

So sure is Mr Camping of his claims that a spokesman on his Family Radio network has guaranteed that the May 21st rapture date was “the day”!

Mr Camping previously predicted that the world would end in 1994 and when that date passed uneventfully he claimed that he had simply made a mathematical error when calculating the date.

So could his 21 October apocalypse prediction be third time lucky for Mr Camping? Or unlucky if you’re an atheist!

Somehow this doesn’t seem likely, although it’s a good excuse for yet another farewell party.

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