June 6, 2011

New counter-terrorism strategy launched

by Jan Harris

The government is launching the latest version of its counter-terrorism strategy this week, and UK universities are coming under fire for being complacent in their attitude to radical Muslim groups.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Home Secretary Theresa May claims that it is too easy for extreme Muslim groups to establish themselves on campuses without universities realising.

Mrs May is calling for both universities and the Federation of Student Islamic Societies to make a stand against extremism and make it clear that it will not be accepted.

As part of the new strategy, Muslim groups applying for government funding will have to prove that they do not support extremist views.

As part of the tougher stance, extremist groups will now be defined as those that fail ‘to reflect British mainstream values’, even if they are non-violent.

The strategy is designed to stop British people being ‘radicalised’ into becoming terrorists.

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