July 6, 2011

Survey shows religion is still an important part of people’s lives

by Jan Harris

Living in Britain, which is generally perceived to be a secular society, it is easy to think that religion has little part to play in life today, but 70 per cent of people recently surveyed by Ipsos MORI reported having a religion.

Over 18,000 people in 24 countries took part in the Global @dvisor survey, which found that 94 per cent of those with a religion and living in a mainly Muslim country said that religion was an important part of their lives, compared with 66 percent in countries where Christianity is the main faith.

Sixty-one percent of those in Muslim countries said they thought their faith was the only route to salvation, paradise or liberation, while just 19% of those in Christian countries expressed this belief.

Ben Page, the Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI, said: “The survey is a good reminder to many in western Europe of how much religion matters – and is a force for good – in much of the world.

“Our analysis shows people would rather keep politics separate from religion, but that in a globalising world, it still matters more than many in old Europe think.”

The results were welcomed by former prime minister Tony Blair, who is a practising Catholic.

He said: “This survey shows how much religion matters and that no analysis of the contemporary world, political or social, is complete without understanding the relationship between faith and globalisation.”

Speaking at an Ipsos MORI event at the British Library as patron of The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Mr Blair warned of the importance of understanding’s Chinas view on faith and belief as it develops into “the world’s biggest power”.

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