July 19, 2011

Malaysian woman loses appeal against Islamic trial

by Jan Harris

A civil court in Malaysia has refused to grant a woman permission to leave Islam, even though she has given up her Muslim faith to become a member of the Sky Kingdom sect.

The woman, Kamariah Ali, has been tried under Islamic law for apostasy – the rejection of her former religion – and faces a jail sentence.

However, she argues that she should not be bound by Islamic law because she is no longer a Muslim.

This argument was dismissed by the civil court, which ruled that because she was born a Muslim, the Islamic court has jurisdiction over her.

Malaysia’s constitution ensures the freedom to practice any religion and Ms Kamariah wanted the civil court to support this right.

The Sky Kingdom sect, to which she now belongs, believes in the healing purity of water.

In related news, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Razak, has met with Pope Benedict XVI.

The Prime Minister is believed to be trying to strengthen the relationship between Muslims and Christians in Malaysia.

There are estimated to be 850,000 Catholics in Malaysia, which has a mainly Muslim population of 28 million.

Recent firebombings of churches in Malaysia have caused unrest and fear among the country’s Christian community.

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