July 22, 2011

Irish PM attacks Vatican over child abuse

by Jan Harris

Earlier this week Ireland’s Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, fiercely attacked the Vatican’s handling of child abuse allegations in the diocese of Cloyne in Co Cork.

In a parliamentary debate on a report about the abuse, Kenny, himself a practising Catholic, said that just three years ago the Holy See tried to “frustrate an inquiry in a sovereign, democratic republic”.

“And in doing so, the Cloyne report excavates the dysfunction, disconnection, elitism, the narcissism, that dominate the culture of the Vatican to this day,” he continued.

A motion which criticised “the Vatican’s intervention which contributed to the undermining of the child protection” was passed without a vote being taken.

Separately, the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Diarmuid Martin, also spoke out over the cover-up.

The Archbishop criticised church leaders in Ireland, saying he was “angry, ashamed and appalled” at their behaviour.

The report was highly critical of the former Bishop of Cloyne John Magee for his failure to protect children and his part in trying to mislead investigations into alleged abuse.

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