September 21, 2011

Jewish news network launches today

by Jan Harris

A brand new 24-hour news network, Jewish News 1, is being launched in Israel today by Mediaset.

The satellite channel will broadcast round-the-clock news from a Jewish perspective to Europe, North America and the Middle East, from studios in Tel Aviv, Brussels and Kyiv.

Initially broadcasts will be in English but there are plans to launch Hebrew, French, Italian, Russian and German services at a later date.

Additional studios are expected to open in Washington, Paris and London shortly.

The channel will compete with Al Jazeera’s English-language channel, as well as major news networks such as CNN and Sky.

Alexander Zanzer, the channel’s editor-in-chief, said: “We’ll broadcast everything that is newsworthy.

“Alongside general news, we’ll offer economic and cultural items, as well as a peek into educational projects. Everything you can see on other global news channels, you’ll be able to see on our channel as well.”

Closer to home, the UK’s first Jewish heritage centre for children has held its first English Heritage open day.

Visitors to the centre, in Moortown, Leeds, learned how Jewish traditions, heritage and culture have survived through the years, during the even on 11 September.

The centre, which opened last year, features a kosher supermarket and a 19th Century East European village.

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