September 1, 2021

Interfaith Marriage – legal and safety concerns

by Interfaith

I wonder if there are people who have background on possible long terms difficulties and legal issues an Originally Muslim Jordanian female would face for having a civil marriage contract to a Christian European.

information I could find from research:

1- In Jordan, one can’t legally apostate from Islam, and may have serious consequences as per Sharea Law.

source HG.ORG

2- It’s illegal for a Muslim female to marry a Christian.

despite these laws, if a female went ahead and married a Christian abroad through a civil marriage contract, what are possible consequences the Jordanian female would face? let’s say if she required to present a document she is married to authorities in Jordan, or if someone in Jordan made a complaint on her marrying out of faith, or her being accused of apostacy.

Thank you

(Posted by Layla August 30 2021)

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