September 1, 2021

Matrixism – A religion based on The Matrix

by Interfaith

By now, people should be aware of the discussions in Physics about whether the world is a simulation or not.

How many have studied the many accounts of the Near Death Experiences?

How many have thought about “Paradise” in the Bible? How it is a timeless situation?

How many have considered that the greater reality and truth involves the timeless and eternity?

Have you thought about these issues?

Have you looked at Einstein’s statements about time and matter? Others since?
Before posting judgements on this issue..?

The Wachowski’s presented a cinematic illustration of Truth to the world.
In the same year the work of physicist Julian Barbour was also released, titled, “The End of Time”.

Check it out. This book needs to be listed with the other cited works concerning “Matrixism”.

(Posted by Geo August 1 2021 to revive old thread started by DynoMight in 2006)

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