October 25, 2021

A Life Beyond….

by Interfaith

Here’s the thing – BTW – This isn’t a request for health advice.

Just to set the scene:-

I’m a lazy old grumpy s*d who could definitely do with losing thirty or forty pounds.

This obviously gives me the body and physique of Adonis as he is now, some two millennia after his prime.

As a result I suffer from nightly Sleep Apnea events.

Coincidentally (As the pounds have increased) I’ve begun to experience increasingly long dream events.

These take the form of dreams in which I live alternative lifetimes. I’m not just talking about odd scenarios and weird adventures.

No, I’m talking about dreams in which I live for forty years. In these dreams I experience days, months, years of an alternative existence. Waking and sleeping and going to a jobs/companies I’ve never done. Dreams in which I’m driving around going on holidays to places I’ve never been to (though mostly places I have been to). Sometimes these dreams are extremely weird – space adventures, aliens wars and the usual phantasmagorical stuff.

This has resulted in my developing a theory :-

It’s well known (or so I believe) Sleep Apnea can cause the sufferer to have a lower level of oxygen in the blood and a corresponding higher level of CO2 which can cause deliriousness.

Given my experiences with my extended dream sequences could it be that at the end of life – As all these things come together in the fateful last moments – these effects give the dying the illusion of life after death.

I’m not saying that there is a life after death, but that the illusion of the long dreams could be the focus of such beliefs.

As in, someone recovering from a near death experience might (if they remembered) report that they had been to heaven/hell* and so give force to the idea such places exist. (as of course they may do if that’s you’re particular belief)

So my question is :- Has anyone else experienced what I have – extremely long length dreams?

*(trust me I’ve been there in some of my dreams)


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