November 6, 2021

EUHEMRISM- Mythology as Symbolically Glossed History

by Interfaith

This thread is for those who suspect mythology as hiding human history and real persons in prehistoric times. That mythology is the only place we can go to for extracting historical fragments of times long forgotten. The debate revolves around a few things: Mythology is not “fiction” because the ancients did not see their his(“stories”) as unreal or fictional but very real. the characters in mythology are ancient prehistoric persons “apotheosis-ized” (deified into “gods”) by later superstitious descendants of the Tower of Babel, the older ancestors to cultures like the Greeks and Egyptians, etc. Another debate is whether to add to mythographic studies the Hebrew Genesis account and especially the chapter 10 Table of nations (Patriarchs).

The argue goes two ways: 1.) Believers (Biblicists) say it speaks of real human events and people, therefore, should be looked at as an ancient history – they, at the same time deny this argument to the Gentile world mythologies – the genesis stories of other nations. 2.) The secular world (non-biblicists), as a general rule, will argue that Hebrew Genesis is fictional (mythological) like the other nations myths- but is kept separate out of being equal with mythology but allowing minority exceptions In other words, Biblicists avoid the paganistic polytheism of mythology because it’s “devilish” and full of fake gods. The secularists avoid Genesis because its fictional and adds nothing to “real history.” The only exceptions that deal with the Genesis stories of both the Hebrews and Gentiles are Biblical Euhemerists, those who SEE NOAH, his family, Genesis 10, and their histories in non-Biblical genesis accounts.

This last position “Biblical Euhemerism” is the one we take in this Thread, that ALL the genesis stories of all nations including the Semitic peoples Genesis 10 RELATE to ONE universal mono-mythological his-“story”.

The following are the main premises or prospective means of character and ethnological identification and verification, comparative analysis, and ultimate synthesis of a mytho-history (i.e. history that has not yet been “proved” by archaeology).

1. Genesis 10 and Mythological Pantheon comparisons.
2. Comparative biographies – Constructs.
3. Political intrigues derived from above comparisons.
4. Synthesis of a proto-history.

The following is an outline “list” of the comparative biographies of individual “gods” “deities” characters and figures used in synthesizing such proto-histories. So far, the last 200 years, it is now the only comprehensive list allowing a full sweep and synthesis of the pantheons and genesis stories of the world with the Hebrew Genesis. you will NOT find this in contemporary “psychologist-mythologists” such as Joseph Campbell or any others. And so far, the only indication of any synergism of pagan and biblical euhemerism are those who have happened upon NIMROD being Sargon the great of Akkad. This is only ONE of the many figures in Genesis 10 and until all the other patriarchs are considered equally as valid comparisons, a synthesis can never be done.

The studies of Dr. John D. Pilkey and myself have done just this in over 3000 pages or seven volumes of books and is published on Amazon.

This Thread subject is designed and opened for those who want to chance the subject and give feedback, whether positive or negative. Respectful debate is the only way to learn. I say, lets have fun with mythology!


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