December 1, 2021

Logos and Sophia in Jungian Gnosticism

by Interfaith

The central myth to the Gnostics becomes the central myth in Jungian alchemy, too.

This myth is the goal of the Gnostic portrayed through the reunion of Sophia with her syzygy, the Logos, liberating her from hylic reincarnation and elevating her into the Pleroma.

In Jungian alchemy, this describes the central process of integration which leads to individuation. Reason/Logos brings Wisdom/Sophia out of the darkness and into the light.

This is symbolic of allowing repressed emotions and thoughts to bubble up into the consciousness, where they can be analyzed and felt by the rational mind rather than remaining in the darkness of the unconscious.

This is a similar process to what is described in Stoicism, as well as some of the mindfulness meditations found in religions like Buddhism. This discipline allows one to gain control over their emotions, while embracing the whole of their being.

The mastery of this practice is divided into milestones or stages by Jung, primarily with the Four Phases of alchemy, but it can also be divided into the 7, 8, 12, or 14 operations of alchemy. These milestones have also been adapted into the “Monomyth” or “Hero’s Journey.”

In many ways, the marriage of Sophia with Logos is the monomyth, or the prototype from which the monomyth is based on.

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