December 1, 2021

Tips on Ascension: Your Human Body

by Interfaith

Hello! my name is 13 and I am currently working to help people ascend godhood in their next incarnation. If you decide to follow these guidelines, when you move on to the next life (naturally, you will need your entire lifespan to do this!) then you will gain entry to the realm of the gods as a many bodied deity that all share a consciousness and soul. That’s what I believe, anyways!

To start, you need to Know that you will ascend. you must have total and complete faith that your next life will be that of a God. I learned this fact abt myself at 18! But it’s never too late :>

This is a transformation of the mind. A lot of this path will have you reworking your mind, behaviors etc. into that which mimics godliness so that your soul can transcend the boundaries of this earth. It is a process!

once you begin to assume the mind of a God, you must separate yourself from your human body. Meditation ad focusing on the godly realm is a big help! projecting yourself observing your human body during meditation is the key to this. look over your human body. notice it’s uniqueness! try hard to picture every freckle and hair in order to get a good look at what your connection with humanity (in your current form) is.

once you have successfully separated your mind from your human body… you must love your human body. care for it, treat it, give it anything it requires to flourish (this INCLUDES medications and medical treatments! tho gods are not afflicted w mental illness, human bodies are and you are incarnated human currently!). It is human, and the particular God we are ascending to loves humans and humanity, which is why It has given us this gift of ascension. Love your humanness, but as a separate entity from your godly mind! :>

feel free to ask any questions abt the process! my dms are open and I’m more than happy to answer questions here. The separation of mind and body can be reversed at any time if you decide ascension isn’t the right path for you. This entire process, save for the ACTUAL ascension, is completely reversible and if you revert back to the human mindset, you will simply go wherever it is you believe we go after death, as I believe all afterlives are the truth (and so should you, if you’d like to take on this process!)!

blessings and love to my human body and my human friends! <3,
– 13

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