December 9, 2021

Compulsory Covid Vaccination For Under 50s

by Interfaith

The majority of under 50s are not themselves in danger of serious problems from covid. They are responsible for only a very small percentage of hospital admissions and deaths.

The vaccination does not effectively prevent transmission. However in some countries it’s proposed that under 50s should be compelled to take the vaccine, mostly to prevent them from infecting those who are more at risk, including older age groups most of whom are already vaccinated.

Please correct the above if it is wrong.

The effects of the vaccine have worn off within a few months, and now boosters are required, with annual ‘variant adjusted’ covid innoculation being predicted. These new vaccines are rushed-out and bypass the normal decade long pre-distribution tests to which all other drugs are subject.

There are genuine fears amongst many younger working age people of harmful long term vaccine health effects, down the line. These fears are not restricted to the vocal tribe of conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxers.

Should under 50s be compelled to be vaccinated against covid?


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