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Where does this knowledge come from?

My parents once became acquainted with a medium, to whom my brother and I were introduced around 1999. The medium served as a vessel for the spirit of a deceased paranormal pirate of Mongolian ethnicity. The paranormal pirate, whose name I don’t know how to pronounce or write properly, was born to pirate parents in the sea, in 1679.

The paranormal pirate became a captain when he acquired a decrepit ship and restored it. All the seventeen ships of his fleet went through the same process of being acquired in poor conditions and then restored, which caused people to call him Shipwright.

Mr. Shipwright used his paranormal abilities to his own advantage and listened to input from his crew, which made his plunders very successful. People liked being in his crew because, after every plunder, he always paid for big parties for his crew in a port and then shared the prizes generously. Looting the coast of what is now known as Colombia was especially pleasurable to him because of the great quality rum that could be sourced there.

Mr. Shipwright’s widowed mother accompanied him in his plunders and eventually fell in love with a quartermaster, but Mr. Shipwright did not approve of their relationship. In a moment of carelessness in 1735, Mr. Shipwright was pushed to the sea by the quartermaster and drowned.

When his soul reached the spiritual plane, Mr. Shipwright was told that he was forbidden from reincarnating until he had passed on enough spiritual knowledge to people across different countries and generations.


My parents took my brother and I to sessions with Mr. Shipwright every fifteen days. They always carried a bottle of white wine for us, and a pack of cigars and a bottle of rum for the spirit.

The sessions always took place in the medium’s home on weekend mornings, in a sizable room that was specifically designated for spiritual activities, in which there only were a red carpet and a white gurney. This is a general and procedural description of what happened in the sessions:

When he felt that the spirit had arrived, the medium stood on a corner of the room and focused, taking deep breaths. The medium’s legs and arms started shaking, his facial features changed considerably, and he fell on his knees. The whole process of the spirit taking control of the medium’s body lasted for just a few seconds.

When the process was done, my parents, my brother and I sat on the ground in front of him and greeted him. The spirit could speak Portuguese because that was the medium’s native language. It was very interesting to notice how the medium’s vocal cords produced such a different voice when the spirit spoke.

Then, Mr. Shipwright cleansed our auras and rid us of negative energies. My father helped Mr. Shipwright light a cigar and poured wine in a glass. Mr. Shipwright blew cigar smoke into the glass, covered the glass with one hand for a few seconds to convey energy, and told one of us to drink the whole glass of wine with the smoke all at once. My father refilled the glass, and the process was repeated for the next member of our family then designated by Mr. Shipwright, until we all drank the elixir.

After the cleansing, if a health issue was detected in any of us, Mr. Shipwright would invite the spirit of a doctor to diagnose the illness and prescribe the cure. Otherwise, he proceeded to teaching our family a specific subject concerning the science of the spiritual plane.

When the private lecture was finished, we all asked our questions and Mr. Shipwright answered all of them. Then we talked about what was going on with our lives and the session ended. A session usually lasted for around three hours.

These are my memories and thoughts on the subjects that Mr. Shipwright taught me. I am publishing them as Mr. Shipwright had once told me to do, decades ago.



Is there a God?

God is the intelligence that created the multiverse and the rules by which it is bound. God is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end of our spiritual journey both individually and collectively.

All souls originate from God and will return to God when they reach the evolutionary stage that God set. However, God is not a – or at – a specific place; God is everything and everywhere, in a different dimension.

Humankind will never be able to fully understand scientifically God’s nature, for that is outside the bounds of our allowed development. We will learn a lot, but not everything; we will achieve great feats, but not all of them in the corporeal plane.

Even though God has a plan for humankind collectively, God does not interfere with the progress of events in individual human lives. While we should thank God for the gift of self-aware life and appreciate God’s creation, there is no point in asking God for interference in any part of our individual journey.

Who was Jesus?

Jesus is a very special being that was sent by God to the corporeal plane to teach humankind that we all come from the same source, we all are going to the same destination, and we all should love all forms of life.

Jesus is humankind’s king and representative in the spiritual council of self-aware beings which designs and keeps systems to implement God’s plan for the multiverse. It can be said that there is hierarchy and bureaucracy to some extent in the spiritual plane.

Jesus loves every human but does not interfere with events in any individual life. He is the ultimate keeper and enforcer of God’s plan for humankind and will not provide any human with any shortcut, because it is in our best interest.

Jesus could have chosen an easy way out his life, but instead he chose to set an example to show us that we all have hardship to endure in the corporeal plane. There is no point in asking Jesus for relief of obstacles that we are supposed to overcome or hardship that we are supposed to endure.

Is humankind the sole intelligent life in the universe?

The universe is a vast amount of space. It is both arrogant and naïve to think that God would only allow self-aware life to flourish on Earth. It is unintelligent to think that life can only flourish in specific places under specific conditions, and extremophiles on Earth are living evidence of that.

There are self-aware beings that look different and whose bodies work in different ways and under different conditions. We might be able to meet some of them in the corporeal plane when we are spiritually advanced enough.

Humankind still has not learned how to respect and live peacefully with our own kind in our own planet. The distance we have been placed from other self-aware forms of life is enough to prevent interstellar genocide.

What is the spiritual plane?

The spiritual plane is a place above the universe where souls eventually go after death of the corporeal body and stay in-between incarnations. There is a realm in the spiritual plane that is specific for the souls of humankind, where the actions of each individual in the corporeal plane have been judged since their first incarnation.

The causes and consequences of an individual’s actions are weighed by the judges, and the goals for the individual’s spiritual development are set by their guides and the individuals themselves. An individual’s next incarnation plan is based both on the karma that needs to be offset and on the goals that need to be met.

In every incarnation, in the corporeal plane, we face challenges that are meant to either offset karma or help us meet the goals that will develop our souls. For that to happen, we need to be born on the right period of history, in the right family, so that we can live within the right context.

Even though time as we know it only exists in the corporeal plane, there is a right time to be born. Our souls stay in the spiritual plane until our time to be born has come. An astrological birth chart may provide clues on the plan for a present life. Vedic and tropical charts tell the same truth in different ways.

The corporeal plane is everything there is in what we perceive as matter, in which we live every incarnation. Humankind currently incarnates bodies and lives on Earth, but the intelligence bestowed by God allows humans to find ways to colonize other worlds within the corporeal plane.

What is a soul?

A soul is an individual electromagnetic entity with a single polarity. It is the soul that goes through the incarnations, back and forth between the spiritual plane and the corporeal plane.

The corporeal body has a dual polarity, which makes it difficult for the soul to feel and behave in the corporeal plane in the same way that it does in the spiritual plane – hence, the flesh is weak.

Consciousness is the soul incarnated in a corporeal body. A soul is reading and interpreting this text through a brain. Memories of deeds and lessons are processed in the brain by the soul.

When the corporeal body dies, the soul disincarnates and eventually goes to the spiritual plane. In the spiritual plane, the soul remembers their past incarnations and the lessons that they learned throughout their journey. A spirit is a disincarnated soul.

Is there a free will?

A soul is free to choose the lessons that they will try to learn and the path that they will try to go for that purpose in any incarnation, which in turn determine the key events that the soul will experience and the key people that they will meet by living in a corporeal body of their choice.

While occupying a corporeal body, the soul usually does not remember anything that happened in their past lives or in the spiritual plane, so that they have the free will to do or not to do whatever they planned before being born into their present life.

Life brings about circumstances that propel us to learn the lessons that we decided in the spiritual plane that we should learn, but it is up to each of us to decide whether we will rise to the challenges and overcome the obstacles in the corporeal plane to achieve a new evolutionary level.

Regardless of the point in a life’s timeline in this universe that may be observed from the spiritual plane: some things happen to us because they always happened and always will; we do some things because we always did them and always will; these things are meant to be because they are key events in the plan that we designed for our present life. Some people call that fate.

Free will is correctly used by doing good deeds to other souls, and by doing good deeds to oneself without causing harm to other souls. Playing the agreed part in another soul’s life plan is also a correct use of free will, even though some deeds may be perceived as harmful without the context that knowledge of such life plan provides.

Free will may be abused through action or omission – in both cases, through negligence, recklessness or excess. Sometimes we think that we are doing a good deed, but we are actually causing harm because we neglect the consequences of our actions, often due to lack of empathy.

Good intentions and empathy should guide every decision that we make. Action without forethought is also a decision, which should be avoided.

Is evil punished?

Some bad things happen to us in our lives because we planned them to happen when we were in the spiritual plane, so that we can offset karma and/or learn a lesson. In that case, we often need another soul to agree with the plan in the spiritual plane and play their part in the corporeal plane.

Other bad things happen because someone else either misused their free will or exaggerated the role that they were supposed to play in the present life. Both scenarios of abuse generate karma that will have to be offset in a future life. There is no hell, and there is no heaven. There is not a devil.

Who are the judges and guides of our fate?

The judges and guides are souls that achieved a higher evolutionary level, and whose mission is to help other souls to do the same – they may be thought of as angels. The guides help us to assess what we did in our latest life and how we can course-correct based on karma, while the judges determine karma based on the causes and consequences of our actions. Karma is the spiritual debt that our transgressions generate to other souls.

Drawing an analogy between the spiritual journey and a university: the soul can be compared to a doctoral student; the guides can be compared to doctoral advisors; a soul’s plan can be compared to a doctoral thesis; the judges can be compared to a doctoral panel; and karma can be compared to the fees.


What is the universe’s raw material?

Everything in the multiverse is made of fluids that manifest in different forms of energy and behave according to certain electromagnetic principles. God emanates the primordial fluid and causes it to behave in specific patterns as to produce specific energies. Different interactions between different kinds of energy result in different expressions of the primordial fluid, which are perceived in the corporeal plane as matter.

What is the body?

The body is a receptacle of electromagnetic energy. It contains the energy of a soul, and, like an antenna, it issues the energy of its soul and senses the energies of other people, places, objects and spirits. That is why some scientific experiments produce different results depending on whether the scientists are observing them.

Consciousness operates the brain through electrical impulses. A person is a body with a soul. The body is designed by the soul in the spiritual plane and has the features that are necessary for fulfilment of the life plan.

The human body is a powerful tool. Humankind still has not learned how to explore all the possibilities of functions that the body offers through interaction with matter, but eventually will.

How does the interaction between body and soul work?

The soul leaves the spiritual plane to live the life that it has planned and arrives to the corporeal plane at the time of birth. When a baby is born, half of the soul incarnates by occupying a certain area of the brain, and the other half stays outside the body. The soul then becomes a spiritual-corporeal hybrid entity.

The two halves remain attached to each other throughout the whole life. When the body dies, the two halves are rejoined, and the soul eventually returns to the spiritual plane.

The half that stays outside the body, above the head, is called perispirit. The perispirit is responsible for intuition, which is their form of communication with consciousness. Intuition is used to provide guidance and protection. The perispirit is called guardian angel by certain groups of people.

The charge difference between consciousness (dual polarity of the body) and perispirit (single polarity of the spirit) interferes with the electromagnetic link that binds them together and, along with free will, causes obstacles to intuition. Some troubles may be avoided if we teach our minds to heed intuition.

The perispirit may go to other places during sleep, trance or coma, for certain purposes. Some of these experiences may be successfully shared with consciousness through the link between them and remembered by consciousness.

How does channeling work?

Some spirits may leave the spiritual plane to fulfill missions in the corporeal plane without a body. However, some of the missions cannot be accomplished without a body, which then must be borrowed from another soul.

A medium is a person whose body’s electromagnetic properties are better suited for interaction with spirits. A trained medium has the free will to decide whether such ability will be used to the benefit of other souls.

When a medium accepts to lend their body to another soul, the medium’s perispirit allows the visiting spirit to take control of the body by sharing command over the brain, which often results in the visiting spirit being split in half just like the host spirit is. Different degrees of influence exercised by the visiting spirit result in different kinds of experience to the body.

Some cases of what was called possession are misinterpreted manifestations of mental illnesses, while others are the result of forced channeling caused by lack of proper training of susceptible bodies.

How do offerings work?

Offerings are objects offered to spirits, often with a purpose. The spirits who receive an offering cannot taste food or drinks without a body but can interact with – and take – the energy of whatever was offered.


What are the gods and demons of ancient traditions?

Gods and demons are entities created by humans through projection of concentrated energy to a certain point in space, and thus can be described as amalgamations of energy issued by different people for the same purposes.

Humans assigned specific entities for specific kinds of energy that render specific sets of results. Saints are kinds of entities created by humans based on preexisting humans and operate under the same principle as gods and demons.

The entities are fed by human energy that is voluntarily sent to them and will exist for as long as there are people feeding them. When people stop believing in an entity and thus stop issuing energy toward it, it eventually dissipates.

The function of these entities is to receive energies containing intentions of their issuers and return such energies to Earth as to produce corporeal results. They are catalysts. Some groups of people understand this and treat those entities as servants.

The greater the result that is intended, the greater the amount of energy that must be issued by the concerned human to the corresponding entity. Intense magic and spells require dense energies.

Some spirits choose to assist with the process. Spirits that perform a kind of activity or work for a certain purpose may form a group with similar spirits. Different groups of spirits are called by different names by different groups of people.

When communicating with people, such spirits often take the name of their group instead of disclosing a name by which they were called in any incarnation.

How do these entities produce results?

Gods, demons and saints send back to Earth the energies that are required by people’s intentions. Such energies are manifested in the ways and with the properties that are necessary for the intended purposes.

People cannot take advantage of such mechanism if they don’t harness the necessary amount of energy, which is produced either by faith or by extreme feelings such as hate or desperation.

Even if the right amount of energy is harnessed, it will not be useful if it is not directed to the proper entity. Hence, humans developed objects that help focus intentions and direct energies, such as statues or amulets.

That is why every ancient tradition has objects or symbols that represent entities and aid rituals, and that is how magic and spells work, sometimes with assistance from spirits of the summoned group.

The process may be started consciously or subconsciously. People may not be aware of what they are doing and what they are causing, despite the great amounts of energy that are expended. Some results of the process are called miracles or disasters by some groups of people.

Can these entities interfere with free will?

The successful use of a catalyst may cause bias to the free will of the person who is the target of an intention. The energy reflected by the entity toward the target may induce such person to act or feel in a way that they otherwise would not, until such energy dissipates, which often takes approximately seven years.

Some key events in the plan that a soul designed for their life cannot be prevented by spirits or energies of any kind; other key events are set in motion by spirits or energies. Between such extremes, there are a lot of possibilities of interference with free will.

It should be noted that even love spells distort plans and generate karma. A person acting under a love spell is being raped, and the consequences are heavy even though the intention might seem positive.

Why do some spirits assist with harmful spells?

Some spirits believe that they are helping the souls that made the request, when in fact they are generating karma both for the assisted souls and for themselves; other spirits are primitive, enjoy doing harm to other souls and may take advantage of victims by absorbing energy like parasites.

Both kinds of spirits are souls that have not accepted that they should leave the corporeal plane and go to the spiritual plane where their deeds will be assessed, and their evolutionary journey will proceed.


What is death?

Death is the cessation of the brain’s organic operation, marking the end of life in the corporeal plane, and triggering the departure of consciousness from the body to rejoin the perispirit and make the soul a fully spiritual individual again.

Death may happen on the right time or on the wrong time. Death is deemed to happen on the right time when it follows the plan that was designed by the soul for the respective present life and is deemed to happen on the wrong time when it is caused either by an event that was not planned (an accident in the strict sense), by another soul that abused their free will, or by the victim’s abuse of their own free will.

Why are there collective deaths?

Collective deaths may happen on the right time when a group of souls with the same karma or with the same programmed time of death accept to die in the same event – it is a matter of shared objectives. Otherwise, they may be provoked by someone’s abuse of free will.

Pandemics are diseases that are brought upon humankind to serve a purpose for collective evolution. When the goal is achieved, either humankind learns how to control the disease, or its agent mutates into a controllable or self-controlled version.

Should a dead body be cremated?

It is not always fast and easy for consciousness to leave the body. The process is often not completed immediately after organic functions cease and may take longer than expected depending on the cause of death.

Fire is a very powerful form of energy and may harm the soul while consciousness is still connected to organic matter and thus susceptible to certain kinds of energy interaction. Therefore, cremation should be avoided.

What happens when we die on the wrong time?

In any kind of death, the soul eventually must follow the light and go to the spiritual plane, where their latest life will be judged and, should reincarnation be allowed, the plan for the next life will be designed.

If death is caused by someone else’s abuse of free will, the soul that caused the death will have to help the victim with learning the lessons and offsetting the karma that will have to be repeated in the next life’s plan.

What happens after suicide?

Suicide terminates the plan that was designed for the present life. The karma that had to be offset and the lessons that had to be learned in the terminated life will be included in the plan for the next life.

Whatever caused the suicide is very likely to happen again the next life, accrued with extra suffering inflicted by the scars that suicide leaves in the soul and must be healed in a body through energy recycling. There is no escaping karma or lessons.

The only way to break free from the suffering is to overcome the obstacles that can be negotiated through the abilities that the person already has or can develop, and to endure the hardship that cannot be negotiated. Often, the only way to know which is the case in each situation is by trying to negotiate the challenges.

What happens after abortion?

A baby in the womb is functioning organic matter with reflexes and instincts provided by DNA as collected through biological memories derived from experiences of previous generations, and only becomes a person upon receiving a soul on birth.

Even though provoked abortion is not murder because there is not a soul occupying the baby’s body, it is still a transgression because it prevents at least two life plans from coming to fruition: that of the baby, and that of the mother.

A mother who (consciously or subconsciously) provokes or accepts abortion sabotages her own life plan and breaks an agreement made with another soul in the spiritual plane, which generates karma that will have to be offset in another life.

Unprovoked abortion may happen as a part of the mother’s or father’s life plan, or because the mother’s biological functions generated a baby’s body that was not mean for any soul, or because the soul that was meant to use the baby’s body changed their life plan.

Why do some people die young?

Newborns, toddlers, kids, teenagers and young adults die on the right time despite their age if they incarnated because of a specific karma or lesson, whether their own or someone else’s.

Often, it is their death – and not their life – that teaches a lesson or offsets a karma, especially when such purpose is included in someone else’s life plan, such as a mother, father, son or daughter.

When is reincarnation not allowed?

A soul that has learned the lessons and offset the karma that it was supposed to, may not reincarnate or may reincarnate in a peaceful place to live a peaceful life, often helping other people.

When a soul reiterates transgressions and is judged not willing or able to learn certain lessons or offset certain karmas, they may be forbidden from reincarnating until certain missions have been fulfilled either in the corporeal plane through mediums or in the spiritual plane.


What are diseases?

Diseases are anomalies in the body that may have organic or spiritual causes and may be included in the life plan to offset karma or to help a soul with learning a particular lesson.

Organic diseases are strictly caused by organic factors. Humankind is allowed to learn how to heal organic diseases once they have served their purposes – that is how medical science advances.

Spiritual diseases may be self-inflicted or caused by energies issued by another soul. Either way, the disease is the product of organic disruptions caused by interaction of energies, with negative energy overcoming positive energy.

Some spiritual diseases may be caused by damages sustained by the soul in a previous life, which in turn may be caused by suicide, cremation, spells or repeated negative actions. A spell may cause diseases upon failure of its primary goal.

Negative actions generate negative energy, and repetition of such actions generates a negative energetic pattern within the soul. Negative thought patterns are sources of self-inflicted spiritual diseases and should be avoided.

Heinous transgressions cause severe energetic reversals in the perpetrator’s soul that may be seen as holes and may cause corporeal damage to the perpetrator in the same life in which the transgression was perpetrated.

Mental illnesses may be chemical imbalances caused by design, chosen when the soul decided on their life plan, or by negative energetic patterns that are brought from previous lives by the soul.

Mental illnesses also may be caused by refusal of the consciousness to live through the plan, as a consequence of escapism, or by influence of energies sent by other souls.

How are spiritual diseases healed?

Spiritual diseases often can be healed spiritually through interaction of energies, provided that the illness is not continually self-inflicted. Sometimes healing can be completed in the spiritual plane with the help of other souls, and sometimes the only way to heal a soul is to use a body to recycle the negative energies and convert them into positive energies. The recycling process may take more than one incarnation.

Spiritual diseases are diagnosed by spirits who perform the roles of doctors in the spiritual plane. Spiritual doctors may prescribe corporeal elixirs to aid spiritual healing through specific energies, but only corporeal doctors can prescribe treatments for organic healing. Spiritual diseases should be treated by spiritual doctors and corporeal doctors simultaneously, each attacking the illness from the respective plane.

People often die on the right time as a result of an organic disease or organic failure and may die on the right time as a result of a spiritual disease that has depleted the body’s resources for the energy recycling process.

How is a spiritual disease caused by a spell healed?

Upon diagnosing a spiritual disease, a spiritual doctor will know its cause and how to heal it. It is always clear whether a disease was caused by a spell, but the exact nature of the spell may not be.

A disease caused by a spell is continually inflicted and will not be healed until the spell is countered. The source of the negative energies must be dealt with before the disease is treated. The spell causing the disease must be identified.

Water is a very powerful form of energy and is an essential tool in the process called transportation, which transports energies from the spiritual plane to the corporeal plane.

Transportation allows a channeled spirit to use the transported energy to materialize the exact objects that were used in the spell and thus identify what spell was cast and who ordered it.

Knowledge of such information allows the spirit to prescribe countering measures to neutralize the spell. Once the spell is neutralized, the healing process is the same as in any other spiritual disease.


Is there a soul mate?

Groups of souls are made of the same batches of primordial fluid. Souls from the same batch may be compared to monozygotic twins and share an innate bond of love between them that stems from their common energetic source. They are called soul mates.

A soul does not have just one soul mate. A soul often forms bonds of love with souls from other batches through shared experiences in the corporeal plane. All these relationships are considered when souls are designing their life plans.

Soul mates may agree to live a life as a married couple, as parent and child, as siblings or as friends, among other possibilities. They may not belong to the same generation in a certain life. They may not meet in a certain life.

Soul mates try to help each other with fulfilling their life plans, so that they can learn lessons, offset karma and achieve a higher evolutionary level with as little suffering as possible.

Marriage is not the sole form of expression of love between soul mates in the corporeal plane, and it is possible for a soul to meet a soul mate but marry a soul from another batch in a certain life.

How are relationships formed?

When designing their life plan, a soul often chooses other souls with whom they have a preexisting relationship to play key parts that are necessary for completion of a certain goal. These parts are often a spouse, family and friends, and are not necessarily played exclusively by soul mates.

Souls to whom a soul is indebted through karma are included in the life plan as well. These too often play a spouse, family and friends, besides enemies. Bad relationships between spouses or people from the same family are usually caused by a karma that has to be offset, and often both souls need to learn how to forgive and love each other.

New relationships may be formed in the corporeal plane, often due to compatibility of organic chemistry or spiritual vibration. Strong bonds may be formed in the corporeal plane and nurtured in the spiritual plane. Likewise, chemical or energetic incompatibilities are often the reason why people do not like other people they have never met.

A family may receive as a member a soul with whom they did not have a preexisting relationship when the context allows for goals to be achieved in a life plan. This is a new relationship by design.

A soul may choose to include in their own life plan a karma that should be offset by a soul that they love. They accept to pay a spiritual debt that originally was not theirs to ease suffering on the other soul or to speed the other soul’s evolution.

Is marriage meant to last for a whole life?

A marriage is meant to last for the time that is needed to meet the corresponding goals of the life plans of both spouses. A life plan may include multiple marriages through divorce or widowhood. Souls may exclude marriage from their life plan.

Does the soul have a gender?

A soul does not have a gender, even though its vibration may suit better a body of a specific gender. Regardless, souls often live different lives as men and women, however their relevant life plan may be better served.

Sexual attraction is restricted to the corporeal plane. While it may be influenced by a plan made by two souls in the spiritual plane, it is usually the result of chemistry and vibration.

Is it possible to form a spiritual bond with an animal?

Animals are different souls with specific spiritual journeys and have different realms in the spiritual plane, but it is possible to form bonds of love with them – after all, humans are meant to love all life forms unconditionally.

Dogs are especially sensitive beings and may recognize human souls with whom they lived in a previous incarnation by sensing their spiritual vibration. They usually sense whether a human’s vibration is compatible to theirs.


Why do people have vibrations?

People are electromagnetic energy in organic form and, as such, constantly issue vibrations. We are modified electricity. Human vibrations in the corporeal plane are energetic patterns resulting from the interaction between body and soul.

People sense vibrations in different degrees depending on how susceptible their bodies are. Some people do not realize that they are sensing vibrations from other sources, while other people are easily affected by external vibrations.

Some people issue vibrations with such intensity that their energy interferes with electrical appliances, and they get mild electric shocks upon touching metal. Other people may get mild electric shocks upon touching them. Overcharge can be handled with proper spiritual care.

Some people produce more energy than their bodies can handle. When the produced energy exceeds the body’s limits, the energy may escape the body in such amounts and with such violence that may cause fires or explosions. Forensics usually cannot find the cause of such events.

People eliminate limited amounts of negative energy through feces. Feces accrued in the bowels may make a person more irritable. The toilet is a dumpster of negative energy, and its lid should only be open during use. The toilet’s lid should be closed before flushing, otherwise its water may drag positive energy.

Unexpected heavy rain showers wash away limited amounts of negative energy because of the way the water interacts with our body. It does not work to be willfully exposed to rain because our planning changes the interaction.

Do places have vibrations?

Places have their own vibrations, as they too are made of energy. Vibrations of places are influenced by the people that occupy them in the long term and by the activities that people perform there.

Some places have a vibration that make it difficult for people who are born there to live somewhere else. People are influenced by the vibrations of the place where they are born and of the places where they go.

Our energy is always interacting with the energies of the environment where we are, which includes the place itself, the people and even some objects that are there. That is why we may feel good or bad at some places or around some people.

People may get attached to specific places and convey certain energies to such places. Spirits may still be attached to those places after disincarnating and, instead of going to the spiritual plane, remain in such places, issuing energy. Accrued energy in places may produce corporeal results. Such places are called haunted by some groups of people.

Do planets have vibrations?

Some celestial bodies issue energies that interact with Earth’s energy and with our own. Astrology was developed by ancient humans who learned how to understand the patterns of such interactions.

Astrology should not be used as a tool for everyday life. It is more complex than that, and everyday life is largely influenced by other people’s free will besides our own. However, it may provide valuable insights on the key goals in a life plan, because the energies of celestial bodies are part of the context in which we choose to be born.

Why do some objects have vibrations?

Objects usually are neutral forms of energy, but they may be influenced by the purposes for which they are used and by the people to whom they belong. Some people may sense energy upon touching an object or being close to it.

People may convey energy to objects that have some meaning for them. Spirits that have not gone to the spiritual plane and remain attached to objects may also convey energy. Objects that are supercharged with negative energies are called cursed by some groups of people.


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