Redaction Theory (Documents Hypothesis): Torah Torah Torah

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This is a series of short articles, which seeks to root out the real historical process of the Old Testament. According to Redaction Theory, also known as the Documents Hypothesis, the first books of the Old Testament have undergone mulitple revisions by different editors other the successive centuries, sometimes resulting in the use of additional material. Bob x nicely describes the process and its conclusions, as well as examining some of the key areas in which this redaction appears visible – not least, the apparent repetitions in the second part of Genesis on information already covered in the first. Bob x also traces a linguistic path through the Old Testament itself, drawing out potential historical realities hidden within the texts that speak of a far more ancient tradition, likely an oral one, that still has potentially visible roots within the original Hebrew. All in all, “Torah Torah Torah” presents a fascinating insight into the cultural development that led to the formation of some of the most important texts in the whole of monotheistic thought.

1 – summary of the documents hypothesis

2 – other major documents

3 – other documents within the tetrateuch

4 – the growth of stories

5 – antediluvian memories

6 – ur of the chaldees

7 – chaldean atrology

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