November 19, 2023

Blood and Body

by Interfaith

I understand that the Eucharist is an important ceremony for Christians, installed by Jesus himself on the last supper with his disciples, probably on Seder evening.

What I don’t understand is why there is a difference in interpretation.

Catholic dogmatics insist that it is an essential Catholic belief that the bread and the wine REALLY become the Blood and Body of Jesus.

I don’t get this: Just imagine it REALLY became human blood, would you drink it? And the bread, if it REALLY became raw human meat, would you eat it?

Now, the Reformed say, it’s a symbol. I don’t think that anyone in the Roman Catholic Church would say that it REALLY transforms in the way I said above. But if not, what is the difference to those who say, it’s a symbol?


talib-al-kalim  Friday at 5:25 PM

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