July 17, 2022

Cancel Culture

by Interfaith

Cancel culture is not limited to the “Woke Left.” The entrenched right is also quite guilty of it. One obvious example of it is the GOP “primarying” republicans who don’t tow the line regarding the last election being a fraud, as well as working to disenfranchise whole blocks of voters who they feel will vote against them. Feminist bloggers regularly get death threats and calls for them to be raped.

Cancel culture is an authoritarian form of oppression and an effort to repress unpalatable ideas. Repression only makes things worse. If you just bandage up a wound without cleaning it out, the poisons will fester and make things worse. You have to clean out the wound and clear out the poisons before you bandage it for true healing to take place.

I’m always one for open dialog and for listening to opposing views, especially when the dialog is rooted in reality and backed up with evidence that can be critically examined. This is how true progress is made. This requires examining the evidence and discerning between propaganda whose purpose is to inflame and real evidence that, with a little work, will lead towards a solution.

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean one can spout propaganda (hate speech) and not get expected to get called out on it. Unfortunately, some people have found that they can make a lot of money just spewing propaganda and manipulate people in the process.

Now, exactly where is the line between spewing propaganda and getting called out on it and cancel culture? Where would you draw that line?

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