August 18, 2022

Christian Answers to Muslim Questions

by Interfaith

I’ve done online back and forth before, and I’m FOR it, but I also think sometimes it’s best to just talk. As such, a friend and I created a YouTube channel where we just kind of lay out Christianity as we practice it, what it means to us, and try to address some of the questions our Muslim friends ask. We don’t intend the videos to be proof positive of anything, just an honest reflection on the questions posed as they apply in our own faith walk.

If you’re interested, check it out.

You can always submit questions via, and we will try to speak to them in future videos. Again, this is a VERY friendly Christian presentation to our Muslim friends…this is who we are…this is what we believe…this is why we believe it.

Maybe you can use it as a break when things get heated here. 

(Discussion in ‘Abrahamic Religions‘ started by MattSTL, 15/08/2022)

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