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  1. LuisMarco
    URANTIA is my personal revelation ...
  2. LuisMarco
    [i]URANTIA[/i] is my personal revelation ...
  3. Ella S.
    Ella S.
    Structure. Logic. Function. Control.
  4. badger
    A Deist interested in pagan cultures.
  5. Angelwings
    Currently feeling very relaxed and content.
  6. RJM
    RJM Pedro Garcia
  7. Pedro Garcia
    Pedro Garcia
    Hello! Would you mind filling out a survey
  8. Namaste Jesus
    Namaste Jesus
    The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit... Amen
  9. Ella S.
    Ella S. Azathoth
    Spare me, o mighty ruler of the outer gods
  10. Aamir Habib
    Aamir Habib
    Love for all, hatred for none
  11. Namaste Jesus
    Namaste Jesus
    "And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief." Matthew 13:58
  12. Paulus
    Holy Cow
  13. Namaste Jesus
    Namaste Jesus
    Naysayers are but a dime a dozen and quite overpriced at that...
  14. Connect Muslims
    Connect Muslims
    The comprehensive Islamic lifestyle group with the most accurate prayer times, empowering and connecting Muslims worldwide.
  15. wil
    I reserve the right to change my thoughts/opinions based on new information and a newer understanding.
  16. Aupmanyav
    Advaita is a no-nonsense philosophy.
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  17. wizanda
    Shall-Om All
  18. Aupmanyav
    Aupmanyav Cino
    See edit in my last post.
    1. Cino
      Jul 16, 2021
  19. davidsheep88
  20. davidsheep88