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Sep 27, 2020
Sep 28, 2004
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Sep 27, 2020
    1. Julia59
      So sorry I didn't notice that I had any messages. There's no pop-up to tell you and I don't see things unless they poke me in the eye. Thanks for your message and I'll try to be more observant in future
    2. Nick the Pilot
      Nick the Pilot
    3. Paladin
      Hey, how are you? Is your summer going well?
    4. Dream
      Getting off the spiritual treadmill meant I am going to get spiritual now instead of just being spiritually thoughtful.
    5. wil
      the ladies...I was young and a cad. Why take them to supper and dancing and drinks??
    6. GlorytoGod
      thanks Dauer :)
    7. wil
      I jsut didn't like disco....however I used to drive to the discoteche at 2 am for the harvest...
    8. wil
      I'm listening to it now... I should have heard this by now... tis right up my alley, good call on your part.
    9. wil
      I guess not. You gotta remember I quit listening to new music when disco came out in the 70's.
    10. wil
      now you've got me, waves of what?
    11. wil
      yessir, back atcha
    12. Snoopy
      on a voyage of discovery at the moment through jingtea.com

      got their 10 sachet sampler..so far my favourite is silver needle (white tea). So thirst quenching I nearly drowned myself! (does that make any sense)
    13. Snoopy
      no room for tea in your life???!!!
    14. Dream
      Good. With regard to the forum, I think it is cycling back around to topics of several years ago. We have some interesting new chain threads going in the lounge. I am posting less intensely and will soon follow in Alex's footsteps, possibly leave the technical and theological sections for the most part. It depends, but I think I have gotten off of my spiritual treadmill. Cheers.
    15. juantoo3
      Its good to see you back just the same. I understand about needing a break, and I have one coming up in the foreseeable future when I won't have access for a bit. Change is good though.
    16. juantoo3
      I noticed you have been away for a little bit, I hope it is just a short vacation and that you and yours are doing well.
    17. 17th Angel
      17th Angel

      ten characters
    18. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Dauer, what is the blessing for playing xbox LIVE?
    19. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Yeah it is better his is like just a plain wooden box :s I just didn't know if it was acceptable to give as a gift. Thanks man.
    20. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      I know it is seen as an insult to refuse ones gift so I thought I ask you before I get this for one of my pals.

      Additional Images

      Would that be like... Ok to give as a gift?
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