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Sep 27, 2020
Sep 28, 2004
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Sep 27, 2020
    1. c0de
      Haaaaaaaapppyy bdayyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!111
    2. greymare
      happy birthday, Dauer
    3. Penguin
      Penguin checking in!
    4. Dream
      Yes. Its library time. Time to take 800mg of dyphenhydramine and sleep in the stacks. Time to frighten librarians with RC racers. Time to play cards under flickering sea green flourescent lights. Time to oil my squeaky shoes and tiptoe past some studying Who's.
    5. Dream
      Apparently I'm not as resourceful as I thought.
    6. Faithfulservant
      hope you get to feeling better soon. I bet it hurts a lot :(
    7. Dream
      You know whether I can find online translations of things that Baeck wrote?

      Yeah didn't think so. I'm resourceful though.
    8. Dream
      That comic you posted seems sort of like South Park. A little bit.
    9. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      lol I suck at it I only just realised how you can connect the words up... (Yeah I learn from experience not from reading the uinstructions)... Tis my cross to bare....
    10. Dream
      1984 was a good book title and also a memorable year. That year I attended the funeral of a friend who was my own age. I had not seen him for a while, because he had switched to another elementary school. They announced his death in our classroom. He died of a disease -- either some blood disease or pneumonia, but I don't remember. Despite that it was a very good year. If only we could all stay ten years old all of our lives!
    11. Dream
      I remember 1984.
    12. juantoo3
      How was the trip?
    13. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Shake an bake!!!11!1one!1!!eleven!

      Oh yeah Dauer... That, just happened...

      What does that do for you? Blows your mind right?
    14. Friend
      hope your life full of nice and calm moments
    15. c0de
      Obrigado Seniore :)

      (brushin up my mad portugese skillzzzz)

      p.s. awsome pics dude... very trippy
    16. yahoo.com
      Thank you, kindly Dauer!
    17. nightsoul
      Thanks for the tip, Dauer. :) i've been meaning to tell you that your conversations with Bananabrain have been wonderful to read and gave me the courage to start posting in the first place. Thank you for making me feel at home.
    18. dauer
      Unless it's hot out, I'm almost always wearing a buttoned shirt with the collar undone like that and slacks. All of my buttoned shirts are patterned but with different patterns, though some of them look nearly identical.
    19. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Salt!!! lol... taking digs at him! that's his smart shirt lol.
    20. Saltmeister
      Hi, dauer. Haven't been here for a little while.... dating a monster? You don't mean a woman who was mean do you? BTW, nice new avatar. Are those your pajamas?
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