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    Historical doctrine (question)

    I don't think so, not with Christianity. Angels had complete free will to be with and Glorify God, or to leave heaven and glorify Satan. Jewish belief systems however are Extremely Monotheistic, in that angels do not have free will, and are rather vague beings of God, almost like outer...
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    I've hardly ever come across historical references to a Radical doctrine of Satanism, but there were a few actual movements a few centuries back. Most historical Satanists seemed to be Monarchian; they thought Satan was a good angel of God, as opposed to being evil. Michael/Christ was the...
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    Modern Pagans and the existence of Satan and the Christian god

    Traditional Satanism has an interesting history very much connected to medieval versions of Paganism btw. A variety of Christian Dualists believed Satan was Jehovah/Allah, the evil creator god of the universe, the fallen Archangel from the heaven of the Most High. And most of these traditions...
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    Which Disciple?

    well for me Paul and his inner circle were the true apostles, I don't count the others as being true, because of my doctrine, so I must say PaulIf I were a mainstream christian though, I'd go with Matthew because his gospel is the most spiritual of the 4, it has Jesus say much more things than...
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    Christianity Vs Baha’i

    I don't really see any similarities between the religions. Jesus and John had entirely different motives and teachings for mankind, despite the similarity with Jesus and Baha'u'llah's humble piety towards all. I wouldn't say false prophecy to any religion, as we don't have all the answers, I...
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    Is your faith or belief in Cristianity based upon a belief in the bible or some other

    No Quahom that is not a Gnostic interpretation, it's a Dualist one. We're a separate religion apart from both Gnosticism and Christianity, and have our own sacred scriptures and beliefs apart from the Bible :)
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    Is there any religion that does not oppose homosexuality?

    most religions actually don't oppose it, it's just that those who do are pretty much mainstream and far-fetched. I'd say all forms of Paganism and Eastern Religions don't have problems with homosexuality. Much of orthadox christianity and islam are against it, not sure about judaism, reform...
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    Is your faith or belief in Cristianity based upon a belief in the bible or some other

    No I don't believe the modern Bible is the inerrant word of God. At least not divine revelation material. Inspired yes I think all the writers were inspired by their understanding of God, and I'll give my respect for each and every one of them. But I also believe most of the NT was altered from...
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    Could this be a Mistake?

    I don't see the problem in praying/revering the Father and the Christ and keeping them both separate in return. They both well deserve more than enough honor :)
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    Was Jesus being mean when he said:

    thanks for the article! yes Paul was certainly speaking of the Christ having command over the angels, and that would explain then the epithet "Archangel." Only Michael bears that epithet, so that must be Christ's celestial name. :) From my religious tradition, we Dualists believe the first...
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    I have a question concerning Jesus.....

    Another more subtle reason for rejecting the Trinity is because so many thousands of followers of those OTHER christian churches who taught Jesus was God's son, were usually tortured and stoned to death just because they didn't agree with the ALLMIGHTY TRINITY, and not because they were any real...
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    I have a question concerning Jesus.....

    I agree with Luna, I've never been able to understand the Trinity even though I've been studying this Triune concept all my known life! sheesh. It actually drove me away from Christianity for awhile till I learned there were OTHER concepts out there, maybe like Jesus was the Son of God. ;)
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    Whose a Christian now?

    never heard of this? please post more :)
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    Could this be a Mistake?

    Conscience you said: (In the Trinity there is both oneness of being and distinctness of persons. The Son is eternally subordinate to the Father, but the subordination is not the essence of their being. To understand this, it is to be noted that the relationship is one that inheres within the...
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    My Inter Faith Call to JIhad (Edited version)

    ok then, why don't you 2 just come clean, this thread is about Islam and partially Abrahamic religions. So it won't include ANYONE else that disagrees with this type of theology. That would include Polytheists, Eastern Faiths, Mystics, and Others. Religion doesn't have to affirm to some...