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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    Hey flowy-- Well, I have a difficult time categorizing music anyway. (Got a problem with labels, ya know. ;)) I like all kinds of music as long as it's music I like. :D But I know what you mean--I really don't like a lot of what comes out of Nashville these days. Do you remember Alison when...
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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    Well, this is a second attempt--cybermonsters ate the first one, I think. I really hope that both posts do not show up now! If they do, just consider the first one a rough draft, I guess? I'm out here in the piney woods this week, so I probably won't be back on in time to edit. Anywayz, not a...
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    Evangelicals raise $8.5 m. for Jewish state

    Related article and video concerning CUFI--got no responses on the other board. But it is related to this thread, so I'll go ahead and put it here. InPeace, InLove
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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    Can't do without this one ;) YouTube - Emerson Lake & Palmer - from the beginning
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    The Prince of Peace

    Hi Bruce :) Actually, I've been thinking quite a bit about this verse lately. As you say, it does seem to be contradictory to most of what Jesus is recorded to have said. The point you have brought up is not something with which I am familiar. That said, I'm not looking for a debate about...
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    the crescent moon. why?

    Hi Leo-- Yep, what flow and wil said. Plus... Always look for Love (with a capital "L"). Whatever proves unloving, throw it out. Love never fails, but religion mixed up with political power mongering does. Hang in there! You say you want to know the narrow way? I believe you have already...
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    Hello. New Here

    Yes, well that was sort of the point of titling it as such. :D (My sense of humor, I admit, is a bit warped at times.) The recipes there are, for the most part, vegetarian, although that is not a rule. I keep mine meatless out of concern for those members who do not believe in eating meat...
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    Do any of you count children in your list of spiritual teachers?

    Hi fourgrtkidos :) Besides being blessed with "twogrtkidos" in this life (plus a third, a stepson who is really a son, along the way), I worked as a children's music instructor for years. We shared music, as well as many other things. I always say that I learned at least as much from them as...
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    Mystery Thread

    Hi Phyll :) Now there is an offer I can't refuse! That glaze is surprisingly versatile, isn't it? Sounds delicious. Thanks for another very creative idea. Deb
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    A quality of time

    Hi Bobby, What a loving tribute to your father-in-law. My heartfelt prayers are with you and your family at this time which may seem a bit like it is in warp right now. But perhaps this is God's way of letting us know that time, like death, are not quite what they appear to be to us...
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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    Okay--lol, finally reached the site. Was in the other room when it finally loaded. It was really LOUD, too! Frightened the poor cat.... Well, videos have come a long way since back then, but here's some more CCR. Kind of sappy and happy and all, but I have always liked the song. YouTube...
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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    Need to correct myself. Would have done it sooner, but I am finding that even though clicking my mouse over and over at rapid speeds does occasionally help one open a site, it does not work when trying to log in. :D So, I had to sit out for at least fifteen minutes. Anyway, in keeping with...
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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    salaam, habibty (I just love that word!) While I have issues regarding some aspects of our electoral process (which I won't go into here), and while I did get a good laugh out of the video, I still suspect that no one got away with stealing a vote there. I know I keep harping on this, but an...
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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    ROFL!! That was perfect, dauer. I think if that vote got stolen, someone is in big trouble for: :D
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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    If you know where she is now, let me know, and I will go and kick her you-know-what with my pointy-toed boots (I don't really own any, though)! After all, I am working to make things right here. :D Faith? None at all. Just trying to work within whatever system is already here, and keeping...